No. 183.
Mr. Langston to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 456.]

Sir: I have the honor to advise the Department that on the 12th instant the President of this republic, with the members of the cabinet, except the honorable secretary of state of the interior, Mr. Edward Pinckombe, who is at present quite sick, and with a considerable part of the army, left this city for Cape Haytien, where his excellency expects to remain for at least fifteen days.

This proceeding of the Chief Executive is rendered necessary in view of divers rumors of impending revolutionary movements reaching the capital from the northern section of the republic. By his presence and the display of his military power, in and about the Cape, it is believed that the President may anticipate and suppress any hostile movements [Page 351] that may be in contemplation against the government, and thus prolong the present general quiet of the country.

During the absence of the President the general charge of the government has been placed in the hands of a special commission, composed of several prominent citizens and officers.

To-day quiet prevails generally throughout the country; and there are no apparent evidences of its early disturbance.

I have, &c.,