No. 151.
Mr. West to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

Sir: Referring to the conversation which I had the honor of holding with you this day on the subject of protection to American citizens in Turkey, which it is proposed should be afforded by Her Majesty’s consular officers, I have the honor to inclose to you herewith copy of a circular dispatch which has been addressed by Her Majesty’s ambassador at Constantinople to Her Majesty’s consular officers defining the grounds on which they are authorized to grant such protection. I have, &c.,



Sir: Her Majesty’s Government have had under their consideration an appeal made by the United States minister at this court that the instructions to Her Majesty’s consular officers in the Ottoman Empire in regard to the restriction of British consular [Page 315] protection over foreign subjects might be so far modified as to enable citizens of the United States of America, in places where there is no United States representative, to continue in the enjoyment of such advantages as they obtained from the presence of a British consular officer previous to the issue of my circular of the 20th of August last. I am now requested by Earl Granville to inform you that although by the circular in question you were instructed to discourage as much as possible the granting of British protection to persons who were not British subjects you may still continue to extend your good offices in favor of foreign missionaries or any religious community who may solicit them in cases of unmerited violence and oppression by the local authorities, provided that no inconvenience has hitherto arisen from such action, and provided that your protection is not carried further than if the case were that of a British subject. You are accordingly authorized to continue to give such friendly assistance and support to American citizens as you were in the habit of giving previous to the issue of the circular referred to.

I am, &c.,