No. 1.
Mr. Lowell to Earl Granville.

My Lord: Referring to the interview which your lordship was kind enough to grant me on the 3d instant, in relation to the case of Joseph B. Walsh, arrested under the coercion act at Castlebar, County Mayo, on the 8th March last, I have now the honor to request that you would at your convenience furnish me, in order to my better understanding of the facts of the case, with a copy of the warrant under which he was arrested, and with such particulars as to the offense with which he is charged as may be within your knowledge, Mr. Walsh having furnished me with evidence satisfying me that he is a naturalized citizen of the United States, though I have no reason to think that Her Majesty’s Government were aware of the fact when the warrant was issued. As your lordship will observe by the dates, Mr. Walsh has already suffered a three months’ imprisonment, to the manifest detriment of his affairs; and the President, while anxious not to embarrass in any way the action of a friendly government in dealing with a very difficult and delicate question of domestic policy, cannot but also feel solicitous not to ignore any just claim of American citizens to his intervention in their behalf.

I have, &c.,