No. 125.
Mr. Lowell to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 351.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith two copies of the correspondence respecting the imprisonment of the so-called American suspects, [Page 242] which has been printed and laid before Parliament. I also inclose copies of letters from Messrs. O’Mahoney, Slattery, Brophy, Lynam, and Gannon, and letters from myself to Messrs. O’Mahoney and Lynam.

My notes to the British Government in relation to the cases of American suspects, copies of which have not already been transmitted to the Department of State, will appear in the printed correspondence herewith forwarded.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 351.]

United States. No. 2 (1882).

Correspondence respecting the imprisonment in Ireland under the “protection of person and property (Ireland) act, 1881,” of naturalized citizens of the United States.

(Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty. 1882.)