No. 738.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Baker.

No. 129.]

Sir: Acknowledging the receipt of your No. 378, of the 20th of April last, on the subject of the embarrassed relations of Venezuela with France, I have the pleasure to inform you that negotiations have been for some time in progress between this government and that of France, with hopeful prospect of reaching an understanding alike satisfactory and honorable to both parties.

It has not seemed necessary to instruct you as to the communication of the steps taken to the Venezuelan Government, inasmuch as the convenient management of the negotiation seems to center here, and the ample powers and instructions given to the Venezuelan chargé d’affaires in this capital make any special conference with his government through other channels less expeditious and certain.

You will, however, continue to keep me informed of all that may transpire within your knowledge in relation to this delicate matter, losing no opportunity to express the keen interest this government feels in bringing about an amicable solution of the difficulties connected with Venezuela’s foreign debt.

I am, &c.,