No. 716.
Mr. Heap to Mr. Blaine.

No. 13.]

Sir: The Rev. Mr. Pierce, of Baghchejik, has informed me that some Circassians, suspected of forming part of the band that robbed him on the 30th ultimo, have been arrested and are held in confinement. I had the honor to inform the Department of this robbery on the 5th instant, by my dispatch No. 6, and transmitted at the same time a copy of a correspondence on the subject. I now beg to inclose copies of a communication from the minister for foreign affairs, received on the 15th instant, of a letter from Mr. Pierce, dated the 13th instant, and received yesterday, and of a note to his excellency Assim Pacha, dated yesterday, all relating to this subject.

It may be necessary to send the deputy marshal, accompanied by the dragoman of the consulate-general, to Ismid, to attend the preliminary examination of the the Circassians, and to see that the evidence of Mr. Pierce and his companions is received. The presence of the latter may also be required here as witnesses at the trial.

* * * * * * *

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 13.—Translation.]

Assim Pacha to Mr. Heap.

(Gt. No. 62517, St. No. 6.)

Monsieur le Chargé d’Affaires: I have received the note yon were pleased to address to me on the 5th of this month, No. 38, relative to an attack on the Rev. Mr. Pierce and three of his employés, by a band of brigands, in the neighborhood of Baghchejik.

I hastened to communicate this note to the ministry of justice and to transmit to the prefecture a categorical order to discover and arrest those guilty of the act.

Accept, etc.

[Inclosure 2 in No. 13.]

Mr. Pierce to Mr. Heap.

Sir: Your kind favor of May the 10th came to hand last evening. Many thanks for your kindness and trouble.

I went to the governor last Saturday and informed him of the affair; he promised to attend to it. On Tuesday last I was invited to call on the governor. I did so, when he informed me that the robbers had been arrested. They brought in half a dozen Circassians, among whom I recognized one, and was quite confident of two others; so it appears that something is being done. The property does not appear as yet.

I am perfectly sure the government can put a stop to this sort of thing if it wishes.

1 presume the Circassians will be at liberty again in ten days, if they are not so already.

If Ali were to be hung here in Ismid, and six or eight Circassians severely punished, it would have a very good effect in this region.

I shall hope to see you in Constantinople in a few days.

With many thanks, &c.,

[Page 1183]
[Inclosure 3 in No. 13.—Translation.]

Mr. Heap to Assim Pacha.

Monsieur le Ministre: I have the honor to receive your excellency’s communication dated the 15th instant, numbered 62501,6, relative to the act of brigandage, committed near Baghchejik on the 30th ultimo, and I beg to thank your excellency for the instructions you transmitted in consequence.

I hasten to inform your excellency that I have just learned that some Circassians, suspected of being among those who attacked the Rev. Mr. Pierce and his companions, have been arrested, and that Mr. Pierce, who was requested by the mutessarif of Ismid to examine them, has recognized one of his assailants, and thinks he has recognized two others.

I beg your excellency, in consequence, to have instructions given to the mutessarif to proceed to a preliminary examination of the prisoners, without any unnecessary delay, and to have them identified by Mr. Pierce’s companions.

I would also request your excellency to have those who are recognized as forming part of the band sent to Constantinople for trial.

In renewing my thanks to your excellency for your energetic orders, whose result has been so prompt, I take this occasion for renewing to your excellency the assurances of my high consideration.