No. 675.
Mr. Fish to Mr. Evarts.

No. 343.

Sir: Referring to my Nos. 330,331,332, and 335, I have now the honor to inclose herewith a copy of a letter from the consulate at Zurich, transmitting a list of the assisted emigrants from the commune of Gersau to the United States from August 22 to the 31st of December, 1880.

I have been prevented from forwarding the list of these emigrants owing to an omission of one of the names by the communal officials in the list as originally furnished to the consulate—an omission the correction of which I have only to-day obtained.

An examination of the list shows that four of the emigrants were under fifteen years of age, twenty-two were between fifteen and forty years of age, and three were over forty years old. Three of the assisted emigrants were females, and were “exceptionally assisted,” as the resolution of the town does not provide for assisting females to emigrate. (See inclosures 3 and 4 to my No. 333.)

These figures show that but 69 per cent, of the emigrants were young men (between fifteen and forty years of age), and nine (or 31 per cent.) were under fifteen, over forty, or females. Thus, out of twenty-nine emigrants we find but twenty who could possibly correspond to the description of the communal officials when they stated that they were “all able-bodied young men.” Of the remaining nine four were children, aged respectively twelve, six, two and a half, and one year; two were men, forty-six and fifty years of age; three were women, aged respectively sixty, thirty, and seventeen years.

As to the claim that they were able-bodied I have no means of judging, but respectfully suggest that in future a strict inquiry should be made upon the arrival of immigrants from Gersau and other communes addicted to assisting their citizens to emigrate to the United States. The present case shows the danger of entrusting to foreign officials to determine who are “able-bodied young men.”

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 343.]

Mr. Byers to Mr. Fish.

Sir: I beg to hand you herewith a list of persons, and their ages, who have been “assisted” to emigrate to the United States from the town of Gersau since the 22d day of August, 1880. This list furnished me by the authorities is presumably correct.

I am, &c.,


List of citizens assisted to emigrate since 22d of August. 1880, to 31st of December. 1880.

[Page 1118]
Years of age.
Franz Küttel 20
Gottlieb Küttel 12
Victor Camenzind 26
Franz Camenzind 32
Wittwe Theresa Camenzind (assisted exceptionally) 60
Marina Camenzind (assisted exceptionally) 30
Maie Camenzind (assisted exceptionally) 17
Xaver Nigg 25
Melchior Waad 26
Alois Laggenstos 30
Marzell Müller 31
Joseph Müller 19
Marzell Müller 21
Joh. Conrad Müller 19
Zachaus Nigg 27
Joseph Camenzind 46
Joseph Camenzind (son) 6
Alois Camenzind 32
Xaver and And. Camenzind (two sons of Alois) 2½, 1
Anton Bagenstos 27
Balz Camenzind 23
Mathias Camenzind 31
Franz Müller 39
Xaver Müller 32
Leo. Nigg 27
Kasemis Nigg 19
Casper Baggenstos 23
Manzell Küttel 50