No. 540.
Mr. Christiancy to Mr. Blaine.

No. 273.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch No. 264, I have now to inform you that, from all present appearances; the new Peruvian Government, of which Mr. Garcia Calderon is the head, does not seem likely to be recognized by the people of Peru; and so far as any manifestations of the popular will have come to my knowledge, the mass of the people seems likely to continue its adherence to the Dictator Piérola. Circumstances yet to occur may change all this; but as yet, from the best information I can get, the very localities oh whose concurrence the new government [Page 891] counted, still adhere to Piérola, and, even here in Lima, the municipal government, at a meeting held yesterday, unanimously decided not to recognize it. And when the alcalde (mayor) went to consult the Chilian secretary of war at the palace, he was informed that the Chilian Government did not yet recognize the new government (waiting, doubtless, to see that it should first be recognized by the people of Peru). And when the alcalde asked what the municipal government should do, in case the new pretended government should demand the building of the municipality and seek to turn them out, the secretary of war replied, in substance, that he did not know 5 but that if any disturbance of the peace should take place in a quarrel between the new government and the municipal authorities, he should send them all alike to prison.

I have, &c.,