No. 511.
Señor de Zamacona to Mr. Blaine.


Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to bring to the knowledge of your Department an article taken from the “Daily Arizona Citizen” and a telegram coming from the Mexican consul at Tucson, both of which refer to the injuries which are being caused to the citizens of Mexico by organized bands of cattle-thieves from this side of the frontier.

The matter has been the occasion of certain representations of the said consul to General Willcox, Major Biddle, and Marshal Evans. The latter told him that he was awaiting orders from Washington touching the means of undertaking the pursuit of the marauders.

I trust that in view of this intelligence your Department will be pleased to take prompt and efficacious steps which may result in checking the evil which gives occasion to this note, and which is daily assuming greater proportions.

I have the honor, Mr. Secretary, &c.,

[Inclosure 1.—Telegram.]

Señor Morales to Señor de Zamacona.

Outrages continue. Yesterday cow-boys attacked Mexicans at Ochoville. One wounded; one horse killed and all they possessed stolen.

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[Inclosure 2.—Extract from the Daily Arizona Citizen, of August 1, 1881.]

an interrupted breakfast—a party of mexicans beset with cow-boys and robbed of $4,000 and mules—four of the mexicans missing.

Report comes to us of a fresh outrage perpetrated by the cow-hoys in Sonora. Early last Monday morning a party of sixteen Mexicans from the interior of Sonora, on their way to this Territory to purchase goods, and carrying $4,000 for that purpose, stopped at a curve in the road at Los Animas, near Fronteras, to prepare their frugal breakfast. While busily engaged preparing their tortillas, they were saluted with music of twenty rifles fired by cow-boys, who lay in ambush awaiting them. The Mexicans took this as an invitation to leave, and did not stand on the order of their going, but left all their mules and pack-saddles, in which they carried their money for the purchase of goods. When they stopped running they were at Fronteras, and their party was four short.

The missing men are supposed to have been killed. The citizens of Babispe and troops are after the cow-boys, and are disposed to take summary vengeance if they overtake them.