No. 489.
SeƱor Navarro to Mr. Evarts.


Mr. Secretary: The department of foreign relations of Mexico has received a telegram from the governor of the State of Chihuahua, bearing date of the 24th of November last, and stating that the band of thieves which is led by the outlaw Robert E. Martin continues to commit robberies at Janos and Ascension, the residents of which ask for speedy protection; and it is to be feared that, being exasperated at the loss of their property, they may themselves undertake to pursue and punish the outlaws, in doing which they may be obliged to cross the boundary line, which may give rise to a conflict.

I have received instructions from my government to transmit the foregoing information to your Department, and to beg you, at the same time, to be pleased to cause the proper American authorities to be instructed to make arrangements with those of Mexico, with a view to combined action for the capture of this band of thieves, who, by frequently crossing the boundary line, have so long succeeded in eluding the vigilance of the authorities of both countries, and have become the terror of those districts.

Well knowing the good intentions of the Department of State, as Well as the spirit which actuates the authorities of the State of Texas in regard to the repression of lawlessness and the establishment of tranquillity on both frontiers, I do not doubt that the combined action of the forces of the two countries will put an end to the evils in question.

I have, &c.,