No. 284.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Everett .

No. 169.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of Mr. White’s No. 169, of the 4th ultimo, informing the Department of his proceedings in reference to the case of Jacques Loeb, an American citizen, who, while on a visit of a few weeks to his native country, was arrested by the German authorities and fined 600 marks for the avoidance of military duty.

In reply, I have to inform you that this Department fully approves of Mr. White’s action in reference to Mr. Loeb’s case, and, moreover, heartily concurs in the view expressed by the minister that this government cannot assent to the doctrine of the non-applicability of the treaties of 1868 to Alsace-Lorraine. You will therefore continue to discreetly but firmly press Mr. Loeb’s case upon the attention of the Imperial German Government until a favorable disposition of it is secured.

I am, &c.,