No. 283.
Mr. Hay to Mr. Everett.

No. 165.]

Sir: Referring to Mr. White’s dispatch No. 87, of the 2d of February [Page 452] last, in relation to the sale in Germany of spurious diplomas from America, and the subsequent correspondence with your legation on the same subject, I now inclose herewith a copy of a letter from the Secretary of the Interior, dated the 4th instant, together with copies of correspondence and authenticated copies of records.

I will thank you to communicate to the Imperial German Government the information contained in the accompanying papers as to the progress which has been made by the authorities of Pennsylvania in the prosecution of the individuals concerned in the sale of spurious diplomas. One of the inclosed documents is an affidavit made by John Buchanan, in which he sets forth that the diploma issued to Paul E. C. Volland, of Prussia, was issued to him in violation of the laws of Pennsylvania and the charter of the so-called “American University of Philadelphia,” Volland never having attended lectures in said institution. This affidavit, together with the copy of the record of the proceedings in the court of common pleas of Philadelphia County, which resulted in abolishing the charter of the “American University of Philadelphia,” you may transmit to the foreign office for the use of the German authorities in the prosecution which is still pending, as is understood here, against Volland.

I am, &c.,

Acting Secretary.