No. 107.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Walker Blaine .

Sir: You are aware that the President has deemed it proper to send a special mission to Chili, Peru, and Bolivia, and that the Hon. William Henry Trescot, of South Carolina, has been appointed special envoy.

As it is probable that the contemplated negotiations will have to be conducted at the same time at different points, you will, by direction of the President of the United States, be attached to this mission, on special service, with your official rank as Third Assistant Secretary of State. Mr. Trescot is authorized to empower you to represent the government in any of the countries named, should the necessity occur, under such instructions as he shall give you, and he is directed, in case of his own absence, to place the mission under your charge during such absence.

While with Mr. Trescot, you will render such assistance in the discharge of his duties as he may require.

As you are already a salaried officer of the United States, no compensation can be given you beyond the repayment of your proper and necessary expenses, for which you will render an account, with such vouchers as may be obtainable, such account to be audited by the Secretary of State.

You will, in the course of your special service, communicate freely with the Department, by telegraph and in cipher, when practicable and requisite; and you will from time to time receive such instructions as may be necessary.

The Secretary of the Navy has directed the commanders of our national vessels on the South American Pacific coast to assist Mr. Trescot’s movements and yours in all possible ways. To this end, a vessel of war will await your arrival at Panama.

Trusting that the success of this mission will meet the confident expectations of the President and of this Department,

I am, sir, &c.,