No. 106.
Mr. Blaine to Mr. Trescot .

No. 1.]

Sir: You will receive herewith your commission as special envoy with the rank of minister plenipotentiary to the republics of Chili, Peru, and Bolivia. This commission will not supersede the ordinary duties of the ministers plenipotentiary and resident now accredited to those governments. But, as they will be duly informed, all communications and negotiations connected with the settlement of the pending difficulties between Chili, Peru, and Bolivia, so far as this government may deem it judicious to take action, will be transferred to your charge. Under the instructions which will be furnished, you will place yourself in direct communication with those governments; but it is expected, as I am sure you would desire, that you should learn from the United States ministers now there the exact condition of existing political relations, and that you will give due regard to such suggestions as their recent experience enables them to submit to your consideration. Whatever action, however, you may take, must be decided upon your own responsibility, and will be in the exercise of your independent authority.

After full consideration of your suggestion that it may be necessary to conduct the same negotiation at more than one point, the President has directed the Third Assistant Secretary of State to accompany you. Should the occasion which you anticipate arise, you are authorized to give Mr. Blaine the necessary instructions; his official rank in the department, and his detail for special service on this mission being sufficient to authorize him, without a formal commission, to execute your instructions.

Your expenses, and those of the Third Assistant Secretary who accompanies you going and returning, and such as are incidental to your residence in South America and the mission upon which you are sent, will be allowed by this Department, in the confidence that with due regard to the proprieties of your position and the duties with which you are charged, these expenses will be reasonably and carefully regulated.

* * * * * * *

I am, &c.,