No. 425.
Mr. Cadwalader to Mr. Foster.

No. 207.]

Sir: Referring to the instruction to you, No. 206, of the 29th instant, which was accompanied by a copy of a telegram to the Post-Office Department relative to the burning of the post-office at Nueces, in Texas, by marauders from Mexico, I now transmit a copy of a telegram from the governor of that State to the President craving protection against similar acts. This will, of course, be given to the extent of the power of the Government. It is expected, however, that the Mexican government will restrain such trespassers, so far as it may be able so to do, by the direct application of force, or deter a repetition of their outrages by the prosecution of the leaders of the raids according to law.

I am, &c.,

Acting Secretary.
[Inclosure in No. 201.]

Governor Coke to President Grant.


Sir: The depredations of organized bands of robbers from the Republic of Mexico have of late increased in frequency and atrocity to an extent which threatens the depopulation [Page 892] of the lower Rio Grande country. The alarm in the country between the Nueces and Rio Grande consequent upon these raids, in which our people are ruthlessly murdered and their property forcibly taken by these foreign desperadoes, is wide-spread, and unless relieved by some assurance of protection, must result in a general break-up of the settlements. On the 26th of this month a large party of these robbers penetrated the interior as far as within eighteen miles of Corpus Christi, robbing stores and ranches and murdering and capturing citizens, and capturing and destroying United States mails. I appeal to your excellency for protection for the people of that country against these invasions of outlaws from Mexico, since they have been of almost weekly occurrence for several months past, and are increasing in force and boldness.

The citizens of that country have been compelled, for the most part, to move to the towns for protection, and no security exists outside of these corporations for life or property, and the people in the towns even hold themselves in constant readiness for defense.

I trust that your excellency will deem it proper to give security to-the people on the Rio Grande border in view of the assurance I now give you that an extreme necessity exists for it.

Very respectfully,

Governor of Texas.

His Excellency U. S. Grant,
President of the United States.