No. 424.
Mr. Cadwalader to Mr. Foster.

No. 206.]

Sir: I transmit a copy of a letter of the 27th instant and of the accompanying telegram, addressed to this Department by the First Assistant Postmaster-General, from which it appears that the post-office at Nueces, in Texas, has recently been robbed and burned and a mail-carrier to San Antonio robbed and taken prisoner. The perpetrators of these crimes are not mentioned, but, according to newspaper reports, they were Mexicans from the other side of the Rio Grande. You will lose no time in bringing the subject to the notice of the minister for foreign affairs of that republic. Although it is not believed that the acts referred to were committed or instigated by officers in the service of the Mexican government, they are obviously such as must create great resentment in the quarter where they occurred, and will probably lead to a retaliation which will result in augmenting the disquiet and sense of insecurity cm the border. It is presumed that the Mexican government will omit nothing which may be in its power toward preventing such raids upon the territory of the United States.

I am, &c.,

Acting Secretary.
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[Inclosure in No. 206.]

Mr. Marshall to Mr. Fish.

Sir: The inclosed Copy of telegram from postmaster of Corpus Christi, Tex., just received. Presumed to be the depredations of Mexican raiders referred to in papers of to-day.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

First Assistant Postmaster-General.

Hon. Secretary of State,
Washington, D. C.

[Subinclosure to No. 206.]

Mr. Taylor to the Postmaster-General .


Washington, D. C.:

Post-office at Nueces robbed and burned yesterday. San Antonio mail-carrier robbed and taken prisoner. Mail saved: no mail sent out to-day.

Postmaster, Corpus-Christi