Mr. Hovey to Señor Polar.

No. 65.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your excellency’s note, dated to-day, in which your excellency informs me that, as the power of the constitution of 1860 has been re-established in the republic, and with it the legal authority of his excellency General Pedro Diez Canseco, the second Vice-President, your excellency has been called to the post of minister of foreign affairs. Your excellency further informs me that your excellency will take pleasure in interpreting the ideas of your excellency’s government, which are to preserve and strengthen the warm and friendly relations which have always existed, and happily do exist, between Peru and the United States.

I shall take great pleasure in embracing the first opportunity of placing the recent important changes in Peru and the contents of your excellency’s note before the government of the United States, and my duty will then compel me to await its orders.

As it is the firm policy and the greatest pleasure of the United States to cement and strengthen the bonds of friendship between all nations professing republican institutions, I trust that the friendly relations now existing between our respective countries will always happily continue.

Without having the pleasure of being personally acquainted with your excellency, permit me to congratulate your excellency upon the exalted position which your excellency now enjoys as secretary of foreign affairs in the government of Peru.

Your excellency will please accept the assurances of my most distinguished consideration.


His Excellency Señor Dr. Don Juan Manuel Polar, Minister of Foreign Affairs.