Mr. Goñi to Mr. Seward.

At one of the latest conferences in relation to the monitors Catawba and Oneota, purchased for the government of Peru, the honorable Secretary of State of the United States, after again presenting some observations expressed in his note of the 9th of July referring to this matter, [Page 38] was pleased to make manifest to the undersigned that the Spanish government could, without obstacle of any kind, consent to the departure of those vessels in consideration of two special circumstances, to wit:

1st. That complete peace existing in fact between Spain and Peru, and this peace in fact being very shortly to be converted into peace according to law, as recent communications received at the Department of State demonstrate, and especially the protocol of the conference which, on the first day of September last, was observed in Lima by the representatives of the four allied republics, in view of so near and probable an event, the acquiescence of the Spanish government would be justifiable in respect of the immediate departure of the monitors, which need to avail themselves of the fair weather of the southern hemisphere, and would moreover signify a deference, very remarkable and worthy of esteem.

2d. That this government having assurance that the monitors are not to exercise any hostilities against Spain, not only because of the disposition which animates the government of Peru, but also because the minister of that republic has made so solemn promise thereof, as the honorable Secretary of State has been pleased to assure the undersigned in the said note of the 9th of July, that Spain cannot entertain, in this respect, the least reason for withdrawal or apprehension.

In consequence of the precedent manifestation of the Secretary of State, the undersigned finds himself fully authorized to declare that the present government of Spain, desirous, as the representative of the new political situation created in that country, to give proof of its friendly attitude towards the Hispano-American republics of the Pacific ceases to oppose the departure to sea of the monitors Catawba and Oneota, hoping only that the honorable Secretary of State will please to assure him, in conformity with the offers made by the minister of Peru, that the said vessels will not attempt to commit any act offensive to Spanish interests during their voyage to the Pacific.

The undersigned has the honor to communicate the foregoing to the honorable Secretary of State of the United States, and awaiting reply to the present note, avails of this fresh occasion to reiterate the assurance of his highest consideration.


Hon. William H. Seward, &c., &c., &c.