Toleration and Progress Lodge


To the glory of the Great Architect of the Universe. The Lodge of Toleration and Progress, 24th day of the 3d month, in the year of light 5865. Wisdom, strength, union.

Sir: The honest people of all countries are struck with horror at the crime to which the illustrious Abraham Lincoln has fallen a victim, and in the masonic lodges especially, devoted to benevolence and the relief of human suffering, the death of the glorious martyr has filled all hearts with profound sorrow. This respectable Lodge of Toleration and Progress, in the Orient of Lure, (Upper Saone,) at its session the 10th of May instant, requested me to forward to you this testimony of their sympathy for the memory of Brother Lincoln.

Receive the momage of my high consideration.

The Venerable

Notary at Lure.

The Minister of the United States.