Evangelical Alliance


Permit us, the undersigned, to offer to the American people, through you, Mr. President, the expression of our poignant grief caused by the cowardly and [Page 62] odious crime that has plunged all friends of the Union into mourning. Strangers to politics, we, members of the evangelical alliance of Lyons, who have many friends in your country, feel as Christians the necessity of telling you how much we rejoice in the triumph of your holy cause, the abolition of slavery; but this triumph was crowned by martyrdom; for it we shed tears, but feel it is a great stain on the garments of iniquity, though it is one more pledge of victory. Already during the course of your long struggle the Christians of France have taken the occasion to send to their brothers in America words of cordial sympathy. Our prayers were united with yours. We sighed at the thought of so much bloodshed, and prayed for the end of the fratricidal war. To-day our prayers are heard. Millions of human beings have felt their fetters fall. We thank God for it. We will continue to ask aid from on high to heal so many wounds, to comfort so many widows and orphans, and to raise from Lincoln’s tomb such spirits as may bless the world. The gospel makes it our duty to pray for princes—for those in high power—for rulers of a people, and we fulfil this duty towards the President of the United States. May the Lord, the author of all grace, endow him with many benedictions.

Accept, Mr. President, the homage of our most profound respect.

Members of the committee of the evangelical alliance of Lyons:

    Pastor and President.
  • E. MILSAM.
  • Rev. C. A. CORDES.
  • Rev. J. KIRCHOFER.

The President of the United States.