Inhabitants of Arwangen


To the Editor of the Bund, in Berne:

I hereby empower and request you to add my name as a signer to the general address of sympathy and condolence from the Swiss Confederation to the government in Washington. You will also have the kindness to communicate the following resolution of a public meeting held in this place yesterday on the same occasion.

With much regard,


the resolution.

The citizens of Arwangen rejoice at the great victories of the North, while they sincerely deplore the loss of the great man who perished by the assassin’s hand. They assembled to the number of three hundred and two, and unanimously [Page 556] give this expression of their feelings, hoping the document may be conveyed to its proper destination.

In the name of the meeting, the special committee,

  • J. H. EGGER, President.
  • J. MORGENTHALER, Secretary.
  • S. L. ERNST, Treasurer.

Hundreds of signatures might have been obtained in this neighborhood for the address, had our time not been so limited.