Government of the Canton of Appenzell of the Inner Rhodes


Chief justice and council of the canton of Appenzell, of the Inner Rhodes, to Dr. John Wyttenbach, of the grand council in Berne.

Sir: In a letter of the 1st instant, the committee for the address of sympathy and condolence to the American Union invited us to participate with him in it, as many of the Swiss cantons have already done.

The sympathy of the people of the Inner Rhodes for the Americans in their four years of civil war for freedom and Union, and their sorrow for the sad misfortune of the death of President Lincoln, the noblest citizen of that glorious land, induce us, in the name of the inhabitants of our canton, to join in the address to our fellow-citizens of that bereaved country.

With great respect, in the name of the chief justice and council,


Sonderegger, Secretary.