Creoles of African descent


To the senators and representatives of the American Congress:

Gentlemen: We, Creoles of Guadeloupe, of African descent, wish to express the profound sorrow we feel at the loss your great republic has suffered in the person of its illustrious President, Abraham Lincoln.

This event, which has shocked the civilized world and all the true friends of the northern cause, the cause of the freedom of an oppressed race, cannot find us indifferent. Therefore we hasten to lay before you the solemn testimony of our sincere grief and cordial sympathy on this occasion of the ever to be regretted loss of the eminent statesman to whom you had intrusted the destinies of the Union, and to take part in the mourning of the land of Washington and Jefferson, those glorious heroes whose virtue will ever be the eulogy of posterity for one who will henceforward be placed by their side in the history of humanity, Abraham Lincoln.

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Accept, gentlemen, with our regrets, the wishes we express for the prosperity of the American republic, and for the triumph of the great principles of liberty and equality.

  • P. GIRAUD.
  • F. BLANC.
  • SYL. BORY.
  • O. ST. JULIEN.
  • C. DUMAS.

And many others.