Orion Lodge of St. John


The abominable crime of Wilkes Booth has thrown into your hands all the duties and all the powers of the great republic of the United States.

The Free Masons who assemble at the Orient of Gaillac (Tarn) in the Lodge of St. John, under the distinctive title of Orion, wish to express to you their sentiments of admiration, gratitude, and regret for Lincoln, and their profound sympathy for the government of which you are the head.

The blood of your martyred magistrate becomes a fecundating dew to give to liberty a new baptism throughout the entire universe.

Sound democracy laments Lincoln in blessing his memory. God has received him into glory, and his wisdom inspires you. We, the members of this lodge, salute you in the name of the true children of light.

  • GARY.
  • P. NIGAL.

And many others.

Mr. Andrew Johnson,
President of the United States of America.