Swiss Federal Council


The Federal Council have been apprised by the public papers of the horrible crime, the victims of which are two of the most worthy and most noble citizens and statesmen of the United States.

One cry of horror and indignation at this act, inspired by the most brutal passion and the most heinous fanaticism, has resounded through the whole civilized world, and particularly through Switzerland, a country whose analogous institutions unite it so closely with its great sister republic.

The Federal Council hasten to address their most sincere condolence to the honorable minister resident of the United States in Switzerland, by expressing to him their profound grief over this shocking event and the strong sympathy which they feel at this great calamity.

Free Switzerland, with similar institutions, will not cease to devote all her sympathies to free America and to her tendencies inspired by truth and humanity—sympathies deriving new strength from this catastrophe.

The Federal Council cannot conclude without expressing the consoling hope that the new Union, reconstituted under the auspices of fraternity and reconciliation, will follow with increased energy the path which Providence has traced out for her, and erect before the eyes of the world the most sublime monument to the glory of the illustrious victim.

With these sentiments the Federal Council have the honor to renew to Mr. Fogg the assurances of their high consideration.

In the name of the Federal Council.


President of the Confederation.

Chancellor of the Confederation.