Count Manderström to Mr. Campbell.


My Dear Sir: I hasten to communicate to you the following details, transmitted from London yesterday evening, but which reached me only this morning:

It appears that President Lincoln was murdered in his box at the theatre; the assassin, whose name is Booth, jumped down from the box on the scene and effectually escaped. He went directly to Baltimore, and was apprehended there. It was an accomplice of Booth who made the attack upon Mr. Seward, in his sickroom, and wounded him dangerously. His son, Mr. Frederick Seward, hastening to help his father, was murdered on the spot.

General Grant was to have been present at the play, but was prevented by official business; this being mentioned, I suppose there was some plan laid against him.

Such a shocking series of atrocious crimes, up to this date never witnessed in your country, cannot fail to impress the minds of all good citizens and make them rally round the banner of order.

I reserve myself to answer officially to your note, but thought it my duty not to lose time in giving you all the details I have received.

I am, my dear sir, your very obedient servant,