Count Manderström to Mr. Campbell .


My Dear Sir: It is with the utmost dismay I find in the evening papers a telegram from New York of the 15th instant, to the following purport:

“President Lincoln has been shot by an assassin. He died to-day. A murderous attempt has been directed against Mr. Seward. His recovery is doubtful.”

This news is from Hamburg. I have received nothing to confirm it up to this hour. I hope it is an untrue, or at least exaggerated report; of course I will communicate to you what I receive.

You cannot doubt, my dear sir, the general sentiments of horror and indignation by which this awful news will be received in my country, and I beg to express to you the feelings of my most cordial sympathy.

I remain, my dear sir, with great truth and regard, yours, very truly,


Wednesday evening.