Dogliani Mechanics’ Society


Mechanics’ Society of Dogliani to the people of the United States of America.

Humanity is seized with terror; a horrid crime has thrown the minds of everybody into the most afflicting consternation. Abraham Lincoln, the industrious working-man, the deserving citizen, who, like Cincinnatus, consented to direct the destinies of his country in calamitous times, is no more. The vile assassin’s hand has deprived America of its guide, its leader, its father, its second Washington; and now two worlds are lamenting the loss of a man whom only yesterday they were applauding.

Oh, generous man! the weapon of the homicide that took your life has also wounded the future and the hopes of a people that were anxiously awaiting the conclusion of your work of glory and redemption.

Oh, brothers of the New World, accept as a pledge of mutual affection these few but sincere expressions of condolence, sent you by the humble but independent Society of Mechanics of Dogliani, children of that Italy which has always struggled against ignorance. Our banner is draped in mourning as a symbol of our sorrow and affliction.

Let us trust to the unchanging laws of progress. In vain will villains oppose the sword and calumny to arrest the people in their course to happiness and independence. The goal will be gained, and the day will soon dawn when the barriers of tyranny, prejudice, and ignorance shall be removed, and men shall call each other truly brothers.

May liberty and independence endure forever! Long life to the republic of North America!

In the name of the society: