Society of Operatives of Chiavenna.



Filled with profound grief for the death of Abraham Lincoln, a benefactor of humanity, convinced that the sudden death of such a man is an irreparable loss for the democracy of every country, and a true catastrophe for all the oppressed [Page 441] still in bonds, but persuaded that the brave sons of free America will not lose courage at a moment when they most need it to secure the fruits of victories gained, the Society of Operatives of Chiavenna in this general meeting resolve—

To put mourning upon their flag for thirty days.
To inscribe the name of Lincoln beside those of Garibaldi and Mazzini in the list of honorary members.
To write to the United States consul at Genoa our word of cheer for the brave operatives of the American Union, to whom the illustrious dead belonged by his birth, by the sympathies of his heart, and by the virtues of his life.