Catania Sons of Labor


The democratic society called the Sons of Labor, in Catania, to the heroic nation the United States, in condolence with their grief.

Brothers: You fought the war of liberty and independence against slavery and tyranny. With the anxiety of those who hope and fear, we waited for the news from your battle fields. The victories your gallant soldiers gained were victories for us, and their dangers seemed to be ours; but the good genius of humanity, as unerring as destiny, will lead you triumphantly on in the path of progress. You were victorious at Richmond, and human rights triumphed with you in your victory there. It was a great advance in the path of right and justice; joy was suppressed in the struggle, for it was terrible, and will be long remembered. But, sad result! Abraham Lincoln, the champion of your rights, the great, victorious citizen, remained the victim of a vile assassin. Cursed be the spirit of evil] Brothers, we feel the blow that struck you: accept the greeting of love and consolation the Sons of Labor send you as a solemn tribute of profoundest sorrow. But, brothers of America, now that your country [Page 440] is free, swear, upon the tomb of your deliverer, to rescue your brethren from the bonds of slavery. His memory will be the terrible leader in your battles—the compact of alliance that binds you close together. His love shall be the example to guide you against those who seek to disunite you. The name of the wicked shall perish from off the face of the earth.

Be united, and extend the hand of pardon to your wayward brothers, and thus you will demonstrate to tyrants that the spirit of revenge is blotted from your hearts.

[l. s.]
  • TOMMASO OLMATO, President.