Workingmen’s Union of Catania


The Workingmen’s Union of Catania, Sicily, to the American people.

Brothers of America: The capture of Richmond was the triumph of civilization over barbarism, and we rejoice at the restoration of peace in a great nation that is our friend.

But the news of Mr. Lincoln’s assassination has sent a thrill of horror and indignation through the civilized world, and its echo has penetrated deeply into our hearts.

Americans: The Workingmen’s Union, of Catania, joins this day in the sentiments of sorrow felt for you by all free people. Accept our congratulations, our best wishes, and our fervent hopes that the national will may complete the work of peace begun by a great citizen, to restore to America her former splendor and great prosperity.

  • FRANCESCORE RANCORE, Vice-President,
  • SEBASTIANO VILLANI, Second Vice-President, Committee.
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