Italian House of Representatives


Honorable Sir: The announcement of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln has caused a profound and painful sensation in the Italian house of representatives. From every political party into which this house is divided a common cry was spontaneously raised of condemnation of the deed, and of high commisseration and sympathy for the illustrious victim and the great nation of which he was the worthy chief.

The house, by unanimous vote, has resolved, “That, in sign of grief, the national flag be clad in mourning during three consecutive days;” and requested me to express, in a special message to you, the great sorrow which Italy her-self and all the friends of freedom and civilization universally share.

A similar feeling has been awakened by the news of the attempt to take the life of Secretary Seward.

Having thus fulfilled the melancholy duty assigned me, I beg you now, honorable sir, to accept the assurance of my sympathy and high personal consideration.

The President of the House,

Hon. Mr. Speaker
of the House of Representatives of the United States of America.