Mr. Marmora to Mr. Bertinatti


Sir: The news of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln has caused throughout Italy the deepest and most painful sensation.

The Italian Parliament, by spontaneous act, has resolved to express to the American nation, in this their sad bereavement, all those sentiments of genuine admiration which our nation entertained for the eminent man who, through times so fraught with danger, so wisely and steadily directed the policy of emancipation of the noble republic of North America; and at the same time to represent with what consternation and horror that honorable body apprized the terrible event. The house of representatives, in the morning session of yesterday, on motion by Hon. Mr. Crispi, seconded by several other members, with the entire approval of the ministry, unanimously concluded “That the flag upon the front of the Carignani palace be clad in mourning during three consecutive days, and that a message of condolence be sent to the Congress of the United States.”

Herewith I enclose you said message, received from the president of the house, with my special desire that you will transmit it to its address, and offer in the name of the King’s government to the President of the United States renewed expressions of the sympathy and grief which our nation feels, and sincere vows for the welfare of the republic.

Accept, sir, &c., &c.,

The Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Commander Bertinatti,
Minister Plenipotentiary of Italy, at Washington.