Hamburg Senate

The Senate of the city of Hamburg to President Johnson.

Mr. President: The news of the criminal deed which so unexpectedly terminated the life and usefulness of President Lincoln has, as every where else, evoked in all circles of our republic just indignation and sincere grief. The many friendly and important relations which connect our two republics forcibly urge us to express to your excellency our warmest sympathy for the great loss which the United States have sustained in the death of their esteemed President by the hand of an assassin.

The assembly of citizens of Hamburg, in their session of the 3d instant, resolved unanimously to join us in the expression of our feeling of profound mourning. May it please Providence to avert further calamities from the United States, and allow them soon to enjoy again the blessings of peace of which they have been so long deprived, and may your excellency be convinced that we shall always take the warmest interests in the destiny of the United States.

With the assurance of our distinguished regard, we subscribe ourselves, the Senate of the free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg.

  • N. F. HALLER, Dr.,
    The President of the Senate.
  • W. CROPP, Dr., Secretary.