Bremen House of Burgesses


Address of sympathy and condolence of the Brernen House of Burgesses to the United States, on the occasion of the death of President Lincoln.

In consideration of the assassination of President Lincoln, the committee of the House of Burgesses of the free state of Bremen wishes to express its warmest and most cordial sympathy with the United States for the loss of a man who devoted his life to the cause of freedom and equality among all men.

At a moment when the deceased President and the people of the United States were hoping to see the end of a terrible war that had been waged for years, with desperate efforts to perpetuate the work of the immortal Washington and his successors, and to restore a lasting peace to the country by conciliation and lenity, the weapon of a ruthless murderer destroyed the man who did not waver in days of the greatest trouble, but humbly bent before the Lord of Hosts, and, always mindful of his high duty, marched before his fellow-countrymen in the path of rectitude, giving them and the world a grand example, to show how a real honest citizen could finally accomplish a difficult and dangerous task by constancy and determination.

While we earnestly lament the death of such a distinguished man, who had already merited the highest consideration for his civic virtues, understood and appreciated by the citizens of Bremen before all other political corporations, we regret the attack made on his true and consistent friend and helper Mr. Seward, the Secretary of State, and cherish the hope that it may please Divine Providence to preserve that distinguished statesman yet many years to do good to his native land and bless his fellow-countrymen.

The close and friendly relations which have long existed between the United States and the free state of Bremen, the deep interest we take in the success of your affairs, and the just indignation which the bloody deed of assassination has caused among our people of every rank, induce us to hope that the expression of our sympathy and condolence with the people of the United States will be kindly received as a feeble testimonial of our good wishes, to be added to the many honors that have already been paid by many nations to the memory of your lamented President.

May his successor, by the help of Providence, be enabled to carry out the great plan of peace, the result of distinguished victories, and show the world that a republican government has been saved through all its trials and troubles, and that the helm of the ship of state is placed in strong and skilful hands.

In conclusion, we beg you to act as the interpreter of these our cordial sentiments to your fellow-citizens, and request you to communicate this address to the proper authorities, while we remain your devoted friends of the free state of Bremen.

In the name of and by order of the Bremen House of Burgesses:


Mr. Henry Börnstein,
United States Consul, present.