Baron Wydenbruck to Mr. Hunter


Mr. Secretary: I can scarcely find words to express my consternation at the news of the tragic event, the subject of your respected missive of this day, which deprived President Lincoln of his life.

No one participates more sincerely than I do in lamenting the sad catastrophe that has filled the American nation with mourning; for, though but recently arrived in this country, I had learned to appreciate the rare and eminent qualities of him whose loss we deplore this day.

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It is my painful duty to announce the sad news to my august court. It will certainly be received with a feeling of affliction; and I think I may add that the entire Austrian nation will sympathize deeply with the American people in their distress for the great calamity that has overwhelmed them.

The abominable attempt upon the lives of the Secretary of State and his son has also filled me with horror. I thank Heaven the crime was not accomplished; and I sincerely desire the speedy and perfect recovery of the intended victims.

I will also hasten to inform my august court of the inauguration of Mr. Andrew Johnson as President of the United States.

Have the kindness to accept the expression of my most distinguished consideration.


Hon. William Hunter,
Acting Secretary of State.