Municipal Council of Aberdeen

At Aberdeen, the first day of May, in the year 1865, in presence of the lord provost, magistrates, and council of the city of Aberdeen.

Which day the lord provost stated that, before proceeding to the ordinary business, he would propose “that the council enter on their minutes an expression of the sorrow and indignation which pervaded this city on receiving the intelligence that the President of the United States had been murdered, and the life of one of their most distinguished statesmen (Mr. Seward) endangered by the hands of assassins; and also of the earnest sympathy of the council and community with the government and people of the United States.” Which proposal was unanimously agreed to; and the council directed a copy of this resolution, under the common seal of the city, to be signed by the lord provost, and transmitted to the minister in this country of the United States.


Lord Provost of Aberdeen.