Convener Court of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen

Resolutions by the convener court of the seven incorporated trades of the city of Aberdeen, North Britain.

At Aberdeen, and within the Trinity hall there, the ninth day of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-five.

At a meeting of the convener court representing the seven incorporated trades of the city of Aberdeen, North Britain, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:

That this court expresses its sorrow and indignation at the act of atrocity lately committed on President Lincoln, of the United States of America, and its sympathy with the government and people of these States in their peculiar circumstances, and its hope that, under Providence, the establishment of peace there, and harmony between them and the whole world will soon be promoted.
This court cannot separate without expressing its liveliest feeling and sympathy with Mrs. Lincoln and family, and prays that the worthy example of her husband will prove that a straight-forward and honest course is alike honorable and worthy of imitation.

Signed in name and by appointment of the meeting, and the seal of the court appended hereto by me, convener of said court.