Mr. Seward to Mr. McMath.

No. 3.]

Sir: The despatch of your predecessor, Mr. De Long, dated May 23 and numbered 9, was duly received. It communicates a copy of a note addressed by him to the Viceroy, Prince Muley Abbas, in acknowledgment of the prompt assistance rendered by the latter on the occasion of the tumult at the United States consulate in February last, and also a copy of the prince’s reply.

The expressions of cordial friendship conveyed in the communication of Prince Muley Abbas towards the government and people of the United States are fully appreciated and warmly reciprocated. Good relations between the two countries have existed too long to be in danger of disturbance from light causes, and serious ones are not likely to spring up between governments whose interest, not less than whose desire, it is that they should cherish towards each other good will, and practice frankness and justice. You will make a suitable communication of these sentiments to the prince, and at the same time assure him that his wishes for our success over those who are waging an unholy war against the government they had sworn to support, are honorable alike to his judgment and his feelings, and that they have given much satisfaction to the President and people of the United States.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,

F. W. SEWARD, Acting Secretary.

Jesse H. McMath, Esq., United States Consul, Tangier.