Mr. Pruyn to Mr. Seward.

No. 20.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that this day I had an audience of his Majesty the Tycoon, for the purpose of delivering my letters of credence, on which occasion I addressed his Majesty as follows:

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Sire: In presenting my letters of credence, I am directed to assure your Majesty of the sincere wishes of the President of the United States for the health and happiness of your Majesty, for the splendor of your reign, and for the increased prosperity and power of your empire.

“I am specially charged to assure your Majesty of the desire of my government to continue the amicable relations now existing between the two governments, and to cement more closely the ties of friendship which have been so auspiciously formed and so happily preserved.

“Where mutual respect and confidence, a disposition to adhere rigidly and honorably to every obligation, to ask nothing which is wrong, and to grant whatever is just, characterize the conduct of nations, nothing will occur to interrupt their harmonious intercourse.

“I assure your Majesty that it shall ever be my desire to promote the existing relations of friendship, which I trust may be perpetual, and I solicit for myself the confidence which your Majesty’s government has so generously and justly extended to my predecessor.”

To which his Majesty replied as follows :

“Have learned what you stated on delivering the letter. The friendship between the two countries shall be increased more and more. To come so great a distance must have been wearisome to you.”

I was received by the high officers of the government in the most cordial manner, and the ceremonies attending my audience were of the most honorable kind, and in every respect satisfactory.

I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully, your most obedient servant,

ROBERT H. PRUYN, Minister Resident in Japan.

Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State, Washington.