356. Memorandum From Secretary of State Haig to President Reagan 1


  • Falklands Crisis

Our objectives at this point are to end hostilities and to begin to heal the wounds in US/Latin American relations, while continuing to give the British as much support as possible.

The uncertain political situation in Buenos Aires may make it impossible for the Argentines to agree to end hostilities, though they do not appear to have the stomach actually to go on fighting. There is, however, a chance the new junta will come to terms. Most of the top army generals are reported to support an end to hostilities.

In London, Prime Minister Thatcher is understandably riding the crest of the wave. Thus far, we have not pushed her on the longer-term aspects of the Falklands crisis, recognizing her need to deal with the immediate military problems. However, the time is now approaching when we must discuss with Mrs. Thatcher issues such as the U.S. sanctions against Argentina, levels of future US support for UK activities and long-term British plans for the Islands.

Mrs. Thatcher currently plans to arrive in New York June 22 for the SSOD. I suggest you invite her to stop in Washington on her way home to discuss the Falklands. She is lunching with the Secretary-[Page 731]General on Wednesday2 but would be available for a meeting in Washington Wednesday afternoon or evening.

If you agree to a meeting, I could issue the invitation quickly through Ambassador Henderson.3

  1. Source: Reagan Library, Executive Secretariat, NSC Country File, Latin America/Central, Argentina (06/16/1982–06/30/1982). Secret. Attached to another copy of the memorandum is an undated draft message from Reagan to Thatcher, inviting her for a June 23 visit to the White House for an exchange on the South Atlantic. (Ibid.)
  2. June 23.
  3. Clark initialed his disapproval of the recommendation and wrote: “Have Pres. call her in NY when she is here.”