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347. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State and the White House1

1685. Subject: Ambassador Kirkpatrick’s Meeting with General Ricardo Pena. Ref: USUN 1668.2

1. (C–Entire text)

2. Air Force Gen. Ricardo Pena called on Amb. Kirkpatrick evening of June 15. Amb. Sorzano was also present.

3. Gen. Pena began by recounting military events during the last few days in the Falklands. He indicated that 775 Argentinian soldiers had been killed in the last 24 hours. Those casualties led to an Argentinian cease fire. He itemized the terms of surrender (as reported in USUN 1668) and indicated that in their view, the US had prevailed in softening UK terms. Pena continued by saying that these would be difficult times for Argentina, with domestic turbulence probably leading to the departure of Gen. Galtieri.3 Argentina was most interested in continuing US support for Security Council Resolution 502, and asked what could Argentina do in the immediate future? Amb. Kirkpatrick responded by saying that they should continue their intensive dialogue with the SYG, with their neighbors and with appropriate American officials such as Asst. Secretary Enders.

4. Gen. Pena predicted that US/Argentina relations would be difficult for “the next five to ten years”. The sooner we started rebuilding these relationships the better. He suggested that prompt removal of US economic sanctions would be a very powerful and positive signal which could get the process started.

5. Finally, Gen. Pena provided Amb. Kirkpatrick with an Argentine analysis of the military losses inflicted by the air force on UK forces. This analysis is as follows:

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Argentine Air Force Actions

Offensive Actions 1 May 1982–10 June 1982
Navy Materials Argentina’s Claims UK Claims
Coventry sunk sunk
Brilliant sunk sunk
Sheffield sunk sunk
Broadsword damaged damaged?
Exeter ?
Antelope sunk sunk
Ardent sunk sunk
Plymouth sunk damaged
Argonaut damaged heavily damaged
Light Cruiser
Antrim damaged heavily
Sir Galahad sunk damaged heavily
Sir Tristan damaged heavily " "
Sir Belvedere damaged heavily
Canberra damaged
Oiler (N.U.) damaged
Light Carriers
Hermes damaged
Invincible damaged
Sea Harrier 15 shot down 13 shot down
1 damaged
7 unconfirmed
Sea King Helicopter 12 shot down 5 shot down
5 damaged
1 unconfirmed
Lynx Helicopter 2 shot down
Gazelle Scout Hel. 4 shot down 4 shot down
Wessex Helicopter 2 shot down 2 lost—bad weather
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Foreign Policy File, D850378–0742. Confidential; Immediate; Exdis. Sent for information Immediate to Buenos Aires.
  2. See footnote 2, Document 346.
  3. See Document 344.