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19. Article In the National Intelligence Daily Prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency1

ARGENTINA-UK: Possible Conflict in South Atlantic

An incident last weekend in the South Georgia Islands—administered by the UK but claimed by Argentina—could develop into a more serious problem between the two countries. A group of Argentine civilians was transported last weekend to South Georgia, where they raised the Argentine flag, and the British ordered a lightly armed patrol boat to evict the group. While diplomats in London and Buenos Aires tried to smooth over the incident, the Argentine Navy issued orders to several warships to prevent any British interference. The UK has agreed to delay action if the Argentines remove the civilians, but Buenos Aires intends to keep them on the island. [handling restriction not declassified]

Comment: The two countries have been negotiating their conflicting claims for 15 years, but Buenos Aires recently has become impatient for some progress and is threatening to break off the talks. The Argentine Navy is the most aggressive and nationalistic of the services, and some potential exists for precipitate action not fully authorized by the high command. [handling restriction not declassified]

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 84B00049R, Subject Files (1981–1982) Box 7, NSPG Meeting re: [text not declassified]/Falklands Islands Dispute 5 Apr 82. Top Secret; Codeword. The National Intelligence Daily was a serial publication by the CIA. This article was attached to an April 5 covering note from [name not declassified] to Inman [text not declassified].