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13. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom1

67606. Subject: Message to Foreign Minister.

1. Please deliver the following message from the Secretary to Lord Carrington:

Begin text:

Dear Mr. Minister:

During his visit to Buenos Aires,2 Tom Enders raised the Falkland Islands both in private and in public. He said that there are human and strategic aspects to the dispute and that both must be satisfied. Tom urged the Argentines to continue negotiations. They were noncommittal but not negative.

As opportunities present themselves, we will continue to urge a constructive approach with due regard for all interests at stake. End text.

2. FYI: On March 8, British Embassy delivered message from the Foreign Minister requesting that Assistant Secretary Enders, during his talks in Buenos Aires, urge the GOA to be more reasonable regarding the Falkland Islands.3 Text being pouched.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Foreign Policy File, D820135–0667. Confidential; Immediate. Sent for information Immediate to Buenos Aires. Drafted by O’Connell; cleared by Enders, Service, and K. Smith; and approved by Haig.
  2. See Document 12.
  3. Summarized in Document 12.