9. Summary of Conclusions of a Senior Interagency Group Meeting1


  • Policy toward East Europe (NSSD 5–82)

Summary of Conclusions

The SIG on East Europe Policy met to review the proposed National Security Decision Directive corresponding to NSSD 5–82.2 Revisions to the text were offered by CIA on the subject of technology transfer,3 Defense on the case-by-case consideration of differentiation criteria,4 and the Joint Chiefs on the characterization of U.S. treatment of the U.S.S.R. as the baseline for a differentiation policy.5 The SIG accepted the revisions and undertook to make suitable conforming changes in the background documents.

Defense expressed its view that the background paper on technology transfer required further work.6 A reservation to that effect will be footnoted on the background paper.

Treasury reserved its position on the NSDD. While the SIG revisions partially met Treasury’s concerns, the Treasury representative was unable to confirm approval. The SIG chairman invited Treasury to submit its final views, either an approval or a dissenting footnote to the NSDD, by COB May 3 if possible.

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Action Requirements

State undertook to incorporate the SIG-approved revisions and Treasury’s opinions when submitted in the NSDD and background package. The package will then be forwarded to the NSC.
Treasury undertook to provide clearance or written dissent as early as possible, with a target of COB May 3.
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