Sources for Foreign Relations, 1981–1988, Volume X, Eastern Europe

The files at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, are the single most important source of documentation for those interested in U.S. relations with Eastern European countries during the Reagan administration. Of most import were the staffers’ files from the European and Soviet Directorate at the National Security Council, especially the Paula J. Dobriansky Files and the Rudolf V. Perina Files. In addition, John Whitehead’s lot file at the Department of State provided important documentation regarding his multiple trips to Eastern Europe in the late 1980s.

The editor also had access to records at the National Security Council (including the Institutional Files), the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Department of Defense. The files of the Central Intelligence Agency, particularly the NIC Registry of NIE and SNIE, were essential for intelligence reports and assessments on which the Reagan administration based its policy decisions.

The editor made considerable use of materials already compiled for other volumes in the Foreign Relations series, including those on Poland, the Soviet Union, and European Security. Readers interested in these subjects should consult the relevant volumes for further information on the specific sources used in research.

In addition to the paper files cited below, a growing number of documents are available on the Internet. The Office of the Historian maintains a list of these Internet resources on its website and encourages readers to consult that site on a regular basis.

Unpublished Sources

Department of State

Central Foreign Policy File

Lot Files

  • Lot File 89D139, Deputy Secretary of State John C. Whitehead, 1982–1989
  • Lot File 95D334, Subject Record and Country Records of the Deputy Secretary’s Office, 1982–1993
  • Lot File 89D250, Miscellaneous Papers from Secretary of State Shultz and Charles Hill, 1982–1988
  • Lot File 03D256, Records of Thomas W. Simons, Jr., 1964–1995
  • Lot File 87D177, Records of Robie Mark Palmer, 1972–1985
  • Lot File 96D262, S/S Special Handling Restrictions Memos, 1979–1983
  • Lot File 96D630, The Executive Secretariat’s Special Caption Documents: Not for the System Documents, 1979–1989
  • Lot File 89D95, Subject Files for the Country Desk Officer for Hungary, 1985–1986
  • Lot File 90D14, Files on the German Democratic Republic, 1987
  • Lot File 89D129, Subject Files for the Country Officer for Bulgaria, 1985–1986
  • Lot File 92D197, EUR General Files, 1988–1991
  • Lot File, 91D3, Files on the German Democratic Republic, 1988
  • Lot File 92D558. Berlin Files, 1961–1989
  • Lot File 89D96, Subject Files for the Director of Eastern Europe and Yugoslav Affairs, 1986
  • Lot File 91D297, Files on GDR Claims, 1977–1988
  • Lot File 94D226, Subject Files for Romania, 1979–1985
  • Lot File 82D86, Official Files for Secretary of State Haig, 1981
  • Lot File 83D228, Files for Secretary of State Haig, 1981–1982
  • Lot File 84D204, Lawrence Eagleburger Files, 1967–1984
  • Lot File 89D169, Michael Armacost Files, 1979–1989

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, California

White House Staff and Office Files

  • Frank C. Carlucci Files
  • Katherine Chumachenko Files
  • Stephen I. Danzansky Files
  • Paula J. Dobriansky Files
  • Fritz W. Ermath Files
  • European and Soviet Affairs Directorate, NSC
  • Executive Secretariat, NSC: Agency Files
  • Executive Secretariat, NSC: Cables File
  • Executive Secretariat, NSC: Country File
  • Executive Secretariat, NSC: Head of State File
  • Executive Secretariat, NSC: Meeting Files
  • Executive Secretariat, NSC: NSDD Records
  • Executive Secretariat, NSC: Subject File
  • Executive Secretariat, NSC: VIP Visits
  • Executive Secretariat, NSC: NSC Weekly Reports
  • Alison B. Fortier Files
  • Donald R. Fortier Files
  • Lisa R. Jameson Files
  • Robert M. Kimmet Files
  • Sven F. Kraemer Files
  • Nelson C. Ledsky Files
  • Legal Advisor Office, NSC Files
  • Robert H. Lilac Files
  • Jack F. Matlock, Jr., Files
  • Robert C. “Bud” McFarlane Files
  • Dean C. McGrath Files
  • James W. “Bud” Nance Files
  • William Odom Files
  • Rudolf V. Perina Files
  • Richard E. Pipes Files
  • John M. Poindexter Files
  • Colin L. Powell Files
  • Thomas C. Reed Files
  • Nicholas Rostow Files
  • Ronald K. Sable Files
  • Stephen R. Sestanovich Files
  • William L. Stearman Files

Personal Papers

  • George P. Shultz Papers

National Security Council

National Security Council Institutional Files

  • National Security Council meetings
  • National Security Planning Group meetings
  • Special Situations Group meetings
  • National Security Decision Directive meetings

Central Intelligence Agency

NIC Registry of NIE and SNIE Files

DCI Executive Registry Files

  • Job 84T00664R
  • Job 84B00049R
  • Job 90B01013R
  • Job 84S00895R
  • Job 85T00287R
  • Job 02–06156R
  • Job 90T00100R

Published Sources

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