384. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Bulgaria1



  • Ambassadors Letters From President.
At the President’s meeting with ambassadors on November 13,2 it was requested that the President send a letter to each head of government of countries represented at the Ambassadors Conference. The following is the text of the President’s letter for transmittal to Chairman Zhivkov. No signed original to follow.
Text follows:

Dear Mr. Chairman:

Recently I invited twenty-one U.S. Ambassadors to the White House to discuss an issue which I consider one of the most important challenges of our modern world—eliminating narcotics abuse and trafficking. The Ambassadors Conference on Narcotics gave me an opportunity to share with them my concerns about reducing the demand for drugs in the United States and furthering international cooperation in this effort, while hearing from our Ambassadors about the progress being made overseas in the fight against drugs.

Ambassador Levitsky told me of the steps you and your government are taking to cooperate in the struggle against international narcotics trafficking. All governments, despite ideological differences, can agree that drugs are a menace to mankind, and I want to assure you personally that the United States Government will work closely with you to eliminate illicit narcotics from our world.

We are encouraged by those steps taken recently by the Government of Bulgaria to improve the working arrangements between our two countries in order to interdict the illicit narcotics trade. Specifically, I refer to your government’s recent decision to share heroin seizure information with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as creating a focal point for U.S. narcotics law enforcement contacts within the Procurator General’s office and the Bulgarian customs service. Our government hopes that these steps presage further progress in the sharing of criminal background information relating to narcotics [Page 1237] traffickers and their organizations, the suppression of which is within our countries’ mutual interests, as well as that of the international community.

International organizations, such as the United Nations, have become leaders in the fight against narcotics. The U.S. is enthusiastic about the upcoming international conference on drug abuse and illicit trafficking, scheduled for June 17–26 in Vienna, Austria, and we are vigorously supporting the draft convention on narcotics trafficking, currently under consideration by the U.N. Both initiatives present opportunities for our governments to work together closely to raise public awareness about the narcotics issue, and to provide the necessary legal tools to disable those who traffic in human misery.

I look forward to working with you in the spirit of international cooperation towards our mutual goal of creating a drug-free future for our societies. We cannot fail in this mission which demands our immediate and unwavering commitment.


Ronald Reagan

White House does not intend to release the text of letter to press, but has no objections if GOB wishes to release it.
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Foreign Policy File, D860909–0612. Limited Official Use; Immediate. Drafted by Eric Rosenquist (INM); Cleared by John Caswell (EUR/EEY), Catherine Shaw (INM), Joann Alba (S/S–S), Laurie Tracy (S/S–O), Kenneth Quinn (S/S), and in the NSC; approved by Ann Wrobleski (INM).
  2. Reagan met with U.S. Ambassadors to countries with significant narcotics production, trafficking, or consumption as part of the Ambassadors Conference on Narcotics.