380. Telegram From the Embassy in Bulgaria to the Department of State1



  • The Antonov Trial in Rome: Bulgarian Response.


  • Sofia 1962.2
Confidential—Entire text.
Bulgaria greeted the opening day of the Antonov trial in Rome, Monday May 27, with BTA (Bulgarian press agency) declaration and a flood of articles declaring his innocence.
We assume FBIS will carry the full text of the BTA declaration3 which broke no new ground, but did say that world public opinion recognized the “campaign” against Bulgaria and that many publications rejected the “Bulgarian connection”, pointing instead towards the involvement of “intelligence centers of NATO.”
A report from Rome4 also noted that the interest of the United States in the trial was shown by the presence of four observers from the US Embassy in Rome.
Local press coverage of the trial May 27 was massive—lengthy radio commentaries and a special program on prime time television.
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