3. Memorandum From Paula Dobriansky of the National Security Council Staff to Norman Bailey of the National Security Council Staff1


  • Long-term Study: Eastern Europe

A long-term study on Eastern Europe is needed which will contribute to the formulation of this Administration’s policy toward Eastern Europe. I recommend a two-tiered long-term study: a) Examination of those internal developments in East Europe which reveal a presence of forces that make for greater liberalization and that may have a long-term effect on its relations with the Soviet Union independent of the will of the current leadership in Moscow, and b) Examination of Soviet-West European perceptions of and interests in Eastern Europe and those Soviet-West European factors which could conceivably alter our East European policies. (C)

There is a need to evaluate the internal developments in Eastern Europe for many of these countries are evolving in a direction that we should favor and exploit. Moreover, there is a need to posit [Page 8] these developments within the context of overall U.S.-Soviet-West European relations, perceptions of and interests in Eastern Europe—to note those differences of perceptions and those areas of common interest which could both mold and even alter our policies vis-a-vis Eastern Europe. (C)

  1. Source: Reagan Library, Paula J. Dobriansky Files, Country Files, Policy Objectives: Long/Short. Confidential. Sent for information. A copy was sent to Lilley.