111. Memorandum From the Chairman of the National Foreign Intelligence Council (Casey) to the National Foreign Intelligence Board and the National Foreign Intelligence Council1



  • Protection of Sensitive Intelligence

The President recently decompartmented and declassified, in furtherance of national policy, certain sensitive intelligence regarding the South Korean airliner atrocity. I am now concerned that additional disclosures are being made without authorization through some combination of an impression that related matters may now be discussed and a relaxation of discipline arising from the fact that authorized disclosures have been made.

Each authorized recipient of classified or compartmented intelligence is hereby reminded that the obligation to maintain the security integrity of such information remains fully in effect. Any disclosure without the requisite approval remains a serious security violation which can result in severe penalties.

Please bring this to the attention of all recipients of classified intelligence in your department or agency and require that renewed care be exercised at this time to protect intelligence sources and methods from damaging revelations.

William J. Casey
  1. Source: Reagan Library, System IV Intelligence Files, 1983, 400683. No classification marking. Although an unidentified “Attachment 1” is noted at the bottom of the memorandum, no attachment was found.